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Incidental Lives: Kuakini's top volunteer serves with endless vigor

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
You can't put a price on what volunteer Lillian Takeda does for the Kua­kini Health System, but you could certainly fill out one heck of a timecard.

911 Report

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Fuel spill discovered in harbor • Waikoloa man held in stabbing • Pair wanted in shoplifting, assault incident

Lower gas prices could come in the summer, analyst says

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Honolulu has endured 12 straight weeks of rising gasoline prices, but an industry expert says fuel prices may peak finally in the next two to four weeks before a possible slide back down.

USS Port Royal to remain with Navy

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
In the 20-year life of the cruiser USS Port Royal, based at Pearl Harbor, some of the warship's battles have been fought at home, some with the environment and some with the Navy itself.

New law OK'd on dispensers for publications

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Updated rules should make it easier for the city to maintain and regulate Wai­kiki publication dispensing racks and their enclosures. Bill 67 (2013) was signed into law Thursday by Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Cromwell's visitors take their last leaps

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
On Monday, construction will begin on a 6-foot-high aluminum fence along the sea wall to prevent jumping and injuries. The $160,000 project is expected to be completed in four weeks.

Teenage stowaway arrives on Maui in wheel well of jet

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
A 15-year-old boy who stowed away in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jet that traveled from San Jose, Calif., to Maui on Sunday has been released to Child Protective Services and will soon be reunited with his family.

School's Earth Day focuses on native plants

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Courtney Huddleston, a sophomore at Kala­heo High School, is co-president of the school's Aina Club, which is holding its first Earth Day Celebration at the Kai­lua school Tuesday.

Kokua Line: 2015 could see construction of the boat ramp at Ko Olina

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
QUESTION: Wasn't the boat ramp for the public in Ko Olina supposed to have been built by the end of 2013? I also heard that the Phoenician boat ramp at Kalaeloa is not free -- there is a fee for using it. Is this true?

Ocean Watch: The sea snakes of Niue are harmless swimmers

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
One of the most satisfying moments in a sailor's life is tying the boat to a safe mooring in a calm harbor after a long period at sea. Even a day after arriving here at Niue (pronounced NEW-ay), Craig and I are still high-fiving.

911 Report

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Waimanalo crash hospitalizes driver • Teen girl held in robbery of man on beach


Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
High wind forecast to last through evening • Fire destroys Keaau home • Red pickup eyed in thefts


Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Marciel Torres Celebrado • Beverly Ann Kamomiala Chu • Carmelita Milleza Depaynos • Araceli Escanilla Gamil • Sonny Gonzaga Sr. • Robert Alan Green • Karl B. Hagen • and more

Legislators hold hope for hemp bill

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Imagine a crop that can be used to purify soil and make food, clothing, rope, paper, plastic, pest-resistant building material, oil, fuel, animal bedding and tens of thousands of other products.

Invaluable devotion to Hawaii's families spanned decades

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
Shimeji Ryusaki Kana­zawa, lauded for her 60-plus years of work for the elderly and youth, also is arguably Hawaii's most unsung World War II hero.

Navy: SEAL died in dive full of safety lapses

Local News - Thu, 04/24/2014 - 04:57
The disappearance last year of a Pearl Harbor Navy SEAL who was spearfishing with other unit members on a training free dive off Kaena Point was accompanied by sweeping procedural and safety violations, according to the Navy's investigative report.


ローカルニュース - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 08:52
 オアフ島アラモアナ地区、ハワイコンベンションセンター近くで約6年間にわたって営業を続けていた日本食レストランの「小千谷レストラン」が、27日(日)で閉店すると発表した。 小千谷レストランは、ハワイのほか、カリフォルニア州に3店舗、日本にも店舗を展開しており、関係者は今回の閉店について「カリフォルニア州での店舗展開に集中したいため」としている。


ローカルニュース - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 08:39
 ハワイ州議会では現在、州の公式楽器を決定するための話し合いが続けられているものの、ウクレレ以外の楽器も候補にあがっており、話し合いが難航していることが明らかになった。 議会関係者は、州の公式楽器をウクレレにするという案が浮上した当初は、誰もが簡単に決定するだろうと考えていたものの、スチールギターやフラなどで使用されるイプを候補に挙げる音楽ファンもおり、当初の予想より公式楽器の選定が難しくなっているとしている。 州議会では現在、ハワイ州の公式楽器として「古代の楽器」と「近代の楽器」という2つのカテゴリーを設けて選出することや、最終的に州内の子どもたちに州の公式楽器を決定してもらう案などを検討している。ハワイ州では以前、州の公式の魚を決定する際、子どもたちが決定した経緯がある。

Peter's Prom promotes acceptance for students with disabilities

Local News - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:54
Most high school girls prepare for the prom months in advance — picking out the perfect dress and shoes, deciding on a special hairstyle, and anticipating all the details to help make the evening magical.